Electronic North Review: Never Always


Plike is the brainchild of American electronic music producer/composer Mad Madam Em, who hails from Champaign, Illinois. Along with vocalists Veela, Holly Drummond, and Zara Taylor she says she uses her music to explore the darkest elements of the human psyche. As part of this process she has teamed up with director Natalie Bible’ on the visually and musically stunning Never Always. 

Natalie Wins Best Editing of a Feature Film in Ohio.

Hudson, Ohio

"Natalie has won "Best Editing of a Feature Film at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival in Hudson, Ohio for her work on the multi-award winning film "I Am Still Here". The film also won for "Best Lead Actor" and Best Feature".

Natalie Nominated for Best Editing of a Feature at Berlin IFF

Berlin, Germany

Natalie has been nominated for Best Editing of a Feature Film at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival for her work on the multi-award winning film "I Am Still Here". The film picked up 6 nominations including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, & Best Film.

Natalie Bible' picks up another Editing Nomination

Austin, TX 2017

Natalie has picked up another nomination for Best Feature Film Editing at the Austin Revolutionary Film Festival for her work on "I Am Still Here". The film was also nominated for Best Director, Best Feature, and Best Actress.

Natalie Bible' Nominated for Best Feature Film Editing at 2017 Madrid Int'l Film Festival

Madrid, Spain, 2017

Natalie Bible' has been nominated for Best Editing of a Feature Film at the 2017 Madrid Film Festival for her work on the acclaimed, multi-award winning drama " I Am Still Here".  The film was also nominated to Best Makeup & Grand Jury Prize.

IASH Puts A Spotlight On Sex Trafficking — & It's Painfully Real

May 30, 2017

I Am Still Here, an independent film, has won Best Feature at the Nice Film Festival. The film follows the story of Layla, a 10-year old girl of color who is abducted into the sex trade.

‘I Am Still Here’ Uncovers America’s Harrowing Sex Trafficking Underworld

May 29, 2017

Last week amid the noise of the Cannes Film Festival, a brave independent film about the atrocities of child sex trafficking, I Am Still Here, took Best Feature at the Nice International Film Festival, one town over on the French Riviera.


March 3, 2016

After a successful year of sci-fi films like Ex Machina and Insurgent, young adult sci-fi psychological thriller Omniscient will premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2016.


Directed by Jillian Dale and Edited by Natalie Bible'

Indian Pictures Announces Red Carpet Premiere for Windsor Drive

August 8, 2015 by Alien Bee

Director Natalie Bible‘s new thriller WINDSOR DRIVE will be having a red carpet premiere on August 28th in Los Angeles at Laemmle Noho 7. The movie has been described as very David Lynch like with a mix of thrills and horror.

Trio of Michael Meyers join William Froste Cast

July 23, 2015 by Dread Central

Horror mainstay Tony Moran is the newest name added to Natalie BIble's William Froste cast. Moran is a truly special addition because adding him to current cast members Tyler Mane and Daeg Faerch gives William Froste three actors who have played the iconic Michael Myers character.

Windsor Drive Film Review

July 3, 2015 by Splash Magazine

Windsor Drive is a viscerally thrilling ride. Director and editor, Natalie Bible’ brilliantly navigates a canvas reminiscent of Inception and yet remarkably distinctive.  Windsor Drive is an epic work of stunning imagery and color and camera angles befitting of Martin Scorsese.

Adrienne King joins the Iconic Horror Cast of "William Froste"

June 19, 2015 by Dread Central

Friday the 13th veteran Adrienne King has been added to the cast of horror film William Froste. From Absinthe Productions, LLC, William Froste was written by Vance Savage and is directed by Natalie Bible. Adrienne King will play investigative reporter Jackie Winters.

Emerging Filmmaker Natalie BIble' Assembles Iconic Cast for new film "Wiliam Froste"

May 30, 2015 by Horror Movies Uncut

Pre production has started on the feature from up and coming filmmaker Natalie Bible’. Quickly becoming “one to watch for “ in the movie industry this talented young woman has acquired a “who’s who” in horror and genre talent for her feature WILLIAM FROSTE.

"William Froste" Assembles Who's Who of Horror Veterans

May 29, 2015 by DREADCENTRAL

While everyone is waiting for Bruce Campbell to deliver a horror version of The Expendables, filmmaker Natalie Bible is extremely busy beating him to the punch.

Hodder, Mane, Moseley & More team up for Horror film "William Froste"

May 28, 2015 by JoBlo

As horror film WILLIAM FROSTE gears up to enter production in September, director Natalie Bible' has been busy gathering together a cast almost entirely made up of popular genre actors from iconic films and franchises.

Director Natalie Bible' Brings Together Iconic Cast for Horror Film "William Froste"

May 28, 2015 by NBC 26

William Froste will be a gritty and horrifically stylized film that is visually captivating, emotionally terrifying, and diabolical on every level. Horror fans will not want to miss this.

Bible' Inks Deal to Direct Sci-FI Drama "Omniscient"

April 29, 2015 by NBC 11

On the heels of sci-fi thriller success such as "Ex Machina" and "Jupiter Ascending," "Omniscient" will take the audience for an intellectually stimulating ride. Director, Natalie Bible' has already impressed some of the most critical audiences in the entertainment industry with her technique - she is Hollywood's hottest new director.

Windsor Drive Thriller

April 21, 2015 by FOX News

Horror Film addicts will love Windsor Drive, distributed by Indican Pictures (Boondock Saints, W.M.D.) and directed by Hollywood's hottest new director, Natalie Bible'. Windsor Drive garners a star studded cast.

Windsor Drive Trailer on FNDN

April 17, 2015 by Matthew Lee

Windsor Drive Trailer Spotlit on Friday Night Date Night Reviews.

Windsor Drive Film Review

April 15, 2015 by HK and CULT FILM NEWS

The visually exciting WINDSOR DRIVE (2015) is unlike any film I've seen in quite a while....An intensely, immersively cinematic gem, and one of the best screen depictions of madness I've ever seen. 

Windsor Drive is a diary marker, and I'm looking forward to getting lost in its story


There is a definite hint of uniqueness about this film that looks set to make it stand out from the crowd, and stick with you as a film you will be recommending to everyone you know that are fans of the genre. 

Striking & Surreal Trailer for Windsor Drive

April 14, 2015 by Craig Hunter, SCREENRELISH

Director Natalie Bible’ makes her feature-length debut with the hypnotic, Lynchian-looking psychological thriller WINDSOR DRIVE. 

First Look at the new Windsor Drive Trailer

April 12, 2015 by TRAILER ADDICT

First look at the Official Windsor Drive Trailer. River Miller, a mentally unstable actor haunted by the past, moves to Hollywood to start his life over, only to find his inner demons are inescapable.


March 8, 2015

Absinthe begins Pre Production on the  horror Feature WILLIAM FROSTE directed by Natalie Bible'  and  written by Vance Savage.  The film stars Tyler Man, Lew Temple, Leslie Easterbrook. Muse Watson, and an All Star Cast of Horror Icons. 

Filmmakers plan desert Projects

January 16, 2015 by The Desert Sun

A filmmaker and photographer with a passion for creating art that is visually explosive, Natalie Bible' is becoming known for her versatility and an outside-of-the-box approach that appeals to both actors and production staff. 


Indican Pictures acquires Worldwide Distribution Rights for "Windsor Drive"

January 2, 2015

Indican Pictures has acquired the Worldwide distribution rights for Natalie Bible's directorial debut feature "Windsor Drive" and is aimed at a Summer 2015 Theatrical Release. The film stars Tommy O'Reilly, Samaire Armstrong, Jillian Murray, Matt Cohen, & Mandy Musgrave,


December 28, 2014

Absinthe Productions has picked up the rights for ABSOLUTION: THE TED ROTH STORY, based on the controversial book by Edmund Hulton. The screenplay was penned by Doug Klozzner and Natalie Bible' will Direct.  ABSOLUTION is the dark and grisly chronicle of a model citizen whose reaction to betrayal was... butchery.

"BUMP" begins Production in Palm Springs

June 7, 2014

NB Creative Studio begins production on the drug thriller "BUMP" this week in Palm Springs. The short film follows a former Hollywood actress (Steele)  as her life rapidly falls apart in this hypnotic, fast paced thriller Shot & Directed by multi-talented filmmaker Natalie Bible'. 



We're focused on tackling environmental issues here at DIVA. Naturally, when we heard about Liquorice, a new eco-film written by director Natalie Bible and starring The L Word's Kate French, we jumped at the opportunity to find out more about this ambitious project.


We caught up with the pair as they took a break from production to find out more what tasty treats Liquorice has in store for us…

Kate French gets Trippy in "Liquorice"


The film, by filmmaker, writer, photographer and activist Natalie Bible, is billed as a psychological thriller that follows Jade (French) as she sheds her inhibitions and explores her “deepest and darkest desires,” all while celebrating mysteries of the centuries-old elixir Absinthe.

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